LEAN Startup: Eric Ries at Rotman

So you know how much I love all the speakers events at Rotman and Eric Ries was one of the first of this new school year! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but thankfully it was recorded and posted online.

A few thoughts:

  • the LEAN concept (think Toyota LEAN production) has been a hot topic in my classes especially Operations Management, Integrative Thinking Practicum and my Service Operations elective. I just read an HBR article about applying the concept to consumption as well as production.
  • Eric really challenges the concept of “the customer is always right”. This is a great linkage to human-centered design or business design that Rotman is well known for (and I am also quite intrigued with)
  • Eric is very open and honest with the fact that being an entrepreneur is hard and entrepreneurship is often associated with many failures. Maybe this is why I don’t want to be an entrepreneur?


UPDATE: read more about Eric Ries & LEAN startup on Rypple’s blog


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