Congrats to our Next Great Innovators!

Just a quick congratulations to Avi, Kevin, Rohit & Sergey from our Morning MBA 2012 class who have made it into the finals of the RBC Next Great Innovator challenge! Their challenge was to “Suggest an innovation that will be critical to Canadian Financial Services in 2015“. I can’t wait to see what they came up with. It also looks like there’s another Rotman team in the top 5 so way to go Rotman!

Another quick congrats to Avi who represented our class in the MBA Games in Toronto. He was part of the Rotman team and we placed 7 overall tied to DeGroot.

The usual perception is that part-time students (morning or evening) don’t have the time or opportunity to compete in case competitions but I think our class is quickly changing that. It is more difficult as most of us are working but it’s encouraging to see my classmates participating.


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