are you an early bird?

The Globe and Mail just recently published a special report on MBAs including an article on the Rotman Morning MBA program featuring one of our class reps!

A few things I would like you to take from this article:

1. Read it & the other resources available on the Globe & Mail site. It will give you information on other schools & programs as well as thoughts on the value of an MBA as a whole. Good tool if you are considering one (and I assume you are which is why you’re reading my blog!)

2. Class reps at Rotman are a unique opportunity to practice & learn leadership skills. Our class reps are responsible for representing the needs of our class to the administration & faculty groups at Rotman. The reps work to ensure that our course deliverables are scheduled appropriately (i.e., not having 3 papers due in the same week or something) as well as meeting regularly with the PSO (Program Services Office) to discuss how the overall program is managed. They also give us a listening ear to ensure that any concerns/needs are heard and that tutorials are scheduled at the most convenient time. It’s a tough job but Avi & Vladia have been doing a bang-up job throughout! We can be a demanding class and I feel that they have really put in a lot of earnest effort to make sure that we all get as much as we can out of this experience.

So if you attend Rotman in the future, think about applying to be a class rep! It will be a great complement to your MBA education I’m sure.



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