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Well I’m not sure if that’s how I would classify my classmate Connie, but her blog certainly lives up to the name! I recently discovered Connie’s website, called Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd, and soon became much more knowledgeable about beauty & skincare products. What I love in particular is that Connie is using her chemical knowledge and background along with her overall chic personal savvy to provide honest, truthful reviews & suggestions about beauty and skincare products. I feel comfortable taking her advice and trust that it is accurate. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the norm in this industry as often as I would like.

I continue to be amazed by the diversity of our cohort – there are engineers, ibankers, programmers, consultants, business owners just to name a few and quite a few different industries such as healthcare, banking, energy, telecommunications, consulting and of course beauty and skincare! Having so many individuals with different backgrounds and expertise really helps complement the Rotman MBA curriculum. I didn’t realize that I would be learning so much from my classmates when I entered this program.

What I also love is experiencing the changes in my classmates’ lives as we continue this program together. Now that we have completed our first year (yay!) it’s amazing to look back and see how people are maturing through their personal, work and of course educational lives. And the opportunity to share in this experience with Connie as she enters the blogosphere, executes on her business plan and applies the many things that we are learning at Rotman has really added to our journey.

So be sure to check out Connie’s website not only for great accurate beauty & skincare advice but to get to know one of my classmates 🙂



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