As I mentioned in my previous post, I attended a speakers event at Rotman to hear Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams talk about their new book Macrowikinomics. It’s a follow up to their Wikinomics book and focuses on economic and social innovation and it’s effect on collaboration in a global environment.

Don shared some of his insights on looking at fields such as healthcare, education and media in the light of economic and social innovation. I feel that is very aligned with the integrative thinking focus here at Rotman. We are always being encouraged to look at things in a different way and be relevant and innovative in our approach.

And Don “practices what he preaches” so to speak by even allowing his blog readers to weigh in on the title for Macrowikinomics.

He also shared a video of starling mumuration:

“This is a murmuration. There is no one leader but they never manage to go wrong. This is amazing synchronicity and collaborative leadership.” (taken from his keynote speech at Google Atmosphere 2010 conference in Paris)

I definitely agree with Don’s point of view and was inspired by some of the ideas that he brought forth. I was even able to meet him and chat with him afterwards (a huge benefit of attending these speaker series).




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