Back to School #2: iPad apps

So I jumped on the bandwagon & bought a 32GB WiFi iPad. I certainly didn’t need one but now that I have one, I absolutely love it. I bought it with the intention of using it for school and I certainly do use it mostly for that. I only bought the WiFi version because there is a very reliable free WiFi service on campus which is where I would be using my iPad the most aside from home and my local Starbucks.

And so for this second back-to-school post, I wanted to focus specifically on iPad apps for those of you who have one (or are thinking of getting one). Most of these are for school but some are for personal use as well.

  1. Productivity apps iStudiez Pro is a great app to help you organize your class schedule & deliverables. Toodledo is also one of the best to-do apps out there in my opinion. Several people use Things as well but I have not tried that one yet.
  2. Document ViewersGoodReader is an amazing app. I access my files through Dropbox (also a good app) and have not had any trouble viewing PowerPoint, Excel or PDF documents. A great way to view & access class notes.
  3. Note takers – there are a lot out there and for those times when I want to use my iPad to take notes, the Noterize app is the best one. It allows me to take notes directly on PowerPoint slides & even record lectures. Other good note-taking apps include Simplenote, Sundry Notes, PaperDesk and Penultimate. Some use the keyboard and some allow you to write directly on your iPad.
  4. Brainstorming apps – these are very helpful especially when you are working with your project team. I like to use white boards but since not all study rooms have one, I would recommend the Popplet app or iBrainstorm to help you capture your group’s discussion.
  5. Book readers – there are several out there but iBooks is good of course. I also recently installed Inkling which might carry more textbooks in the future.
  6. Reference – although one usually ends up Googling everything, other good reference apps include, Wikipanion, National Geographic World Atlas, Google Earth and Star Walk
  7. Web Pages – not sure if this is an accurate category or not but I really like Evernote to capture web pages (and just about anything else) that I want to view/reference/store. Springpad is also good and I have heard a lot about Instapaper but I haven’t tried it yet.
  8. News Flipboard is an amazing & beautiful app to view news as well as your Twitter feed! Other news apps that I would recommend include Globe & Mail, New York Times Editors’ Choice and BBC News.
  9. Twitter – speaking of Twitter, I use Twitterriffic & Tweetdeck on my iPad.
  10. RSS Feeds – I was recently introduced to Feeddler which I love and my standby is always Google Reader

That’s nice that it turned out as a top 10 list. For more recommendations, you can check out the Globe & Mail’s Technology suggestions.

So what are your favourite iPad apps for school?


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