A Year in Review

So I’m officially done my first year of the MBA program and the Morning MBA class of 2013 started their first intensive week today. Wow.

Looking back with some of my peers, we were amazed to think that a year ago, none of us knew each other. And now, some of my closest friends are from this program. We’ve gone from polite strangers entering a new program to a supportive community that has picnics together, goes golfing, enjoys good food, studies together & helps each other out in understanding difficult subjects like Stats 🙂

And contrary to popular belief about part-time MBA students, we got very involved in extra curricular activities. A group from our class took first place in the Business Design competition (congrats again to Avi, Bike, Sergey, Kevin & Rohit), three of us are on the Graduate Business Council for 2011/2012 (way to go Russ, Sumi & Danielle) and we were active participants in several events throughout the year (such as the first ever speed networking event at Rotman).

To be honest, I don’t think any of us were ready for what was in store for us when we embarked on this journey. We’ve grown together as a cohort through significant life events and I feel personally that most of the education happens outside the classroom where you apply what you’ve learned at work, school and home.

Special thanks to good friends who have helped get me through this first year – my original project team (Bike, Chris, Ritwik, Alan), my Starbucks run companions (Russ, Mary), my study buddy (Arthur), my fellow Mac user (Scott) and my industry colleague (Sam) just to name a few. Here’s to a great second year!


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