Electives, Campaign Wall & the Martin Prosperity Institute

Well it’s been a few weeks since I last posted – let me get you up to speed on a few things:


If you’ve been following blogs of my fellow student bloggers, you will know that we are currently in the electives bidding season. This is the time for us to select our electives for the upcoming terms and, using a points system, bid for the ones we want the most. Basically, each student is allocated a certain number of points based on the credits they’ve earned so far and they need to distribute those points accordingly amongst the electives that they want. Students will then be enrolled in those electives based on who bids the most for those courses. This is done to ensure that students are enrolled in the courses that they want the most and these are allocated based on the number of points each student bids since enrollment can be limited. There is a lot of information provided for these courses including bid history, student ratings, faculty and course outlines.

While I understand the need for such a system to allow the supply of courses to meet the demand, I feel it is a bit too intense. Many students build complex models to assign their bid points accordingly. I did not create a model but I did go through all the courses and rank which ones were a priority for me. This helped me when the courses were actually revealed for the Spring Term (the only term that the Morning MBA 12 students can bid on right now) because I knew which ones I wanted to bid on. What I do like about this process is that it encourages students to really take ownership of their academic career and think through which courses they want to take as their electives.

And just a note for those of you considering the Morning MBA program: not all courses will be available in the morning. For the first year and a half, all of your core courses will be in the morning but as for electives, the ones that are offered in the morning may not be the ones that you want to take. They do offer a ballotting process to help schedule the courses properly (i.e., if enough morning students ballot for a certain course it will be offered in the morning) but you probably won’t have all of your preferred electives available in the morning. It is not so much a problem for me since I work close by and am able to be flexible between morning and evening options (although as you know evening classes are not my forte!) but it is more of a struggle for others.

Anyway, I was successfully enrolled in both of the electives that I bid on in the first round of bidding. I’m wondering now if I overbid on my courses…

Campaign Wall

A lot of construction has been going on around school for the new building and I was excited to see what I am going to call a campaign wall go up recently. It really epitmizes the rationale behind the expansion & what Rotman is all about:

Martin Prosperity Institute

A few weekends ago, I took advantage of Doors Open Toronto, an annual event that allows the public to visit buildings & spaces that are not normally open to the public. I went to Mars Discovery District and took a peek into the Martin Prosperity Institute which is basically a really cool think tank associated with Rotman. It was great to see such a collaborative workplace and hear about some of the great research they are doing there.


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