Summer 2010 Term

Last week was a busy week:

  • Completed my first elective course called Effective Leadership with Dr. Gary Latham. It was an intensive course which means we have 4 night classes and 1 day class in the course of one week with the final exam tomorrow night. Wow.
  • Started Managing Customer Value (i.e., Marketing 101) with Avi Goldfarb
  • Started Corporate Finance with Will Huggins
  • And got new project teams assigned.

So far so good. I’m pretty happy with my new project team and to be honest, was a bit scared about changing teams. As you know, I was very fortunate to have a really good team to begin with so not being able to work with them for the next 3 terms is a bit disappointing. Especially since we are now really getting into a good rhythm. Getting a new project team is scary because it is such an integral part of your education and if you have a bad team, then things could be a lot more difficult. But I suppose this is one of those experiences that really helps you prepare for the “real” world – you don’t usually get to pick who you work with at work either.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my first elective work. It was pretty exhausting packing in a whole 3rd course in one week but well worth it. I have followed Dr. Gary Latham’s work for quite some time as he specializes in organizational psychology. Taking this course was a great opportunity to learn from a highly respected academic and practitioner as well as pick up some empirically-based management skills to ensure effective leadership. If you ever get a chance to take a course with “Uncle Gary”, you certainly won’t regret it.

One point that we touched on in the first class of this course was the importance of realistic job previews. This involves presenting potential employees with the good and bad aspects of the job so that they can self-select out in the beginning. This method is very effective in reducing voluntary turnover. It is also against the norm as usually employers/hiring managers only want to talk about all the good things about the job. Unfortunately the employee then finds out all the bad stuff within the first couple of months of the job and many times realize that this is not the job for them. I find that these student blogs are a great realistic job preview for potential students at Rotman. I am hoping that we are giving you a glimpse of the good and bad so that you can know if this program is really for you. So if you’re researching schools right now, be sure to find out what it’s really like from current students.

Off to study for my final tomorrow night!


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