The Amazing Race!

On Friday, 12 of our Morning MBA class participated in a scavenger hunt called the Amazing Race organized by the Graduate Business Council. Basically, we were given a long (very long) list of riddles/things to find in downtown Toronto and only had 3.5 hours to complete it. The clues ranged from easy to very hard and each had different point values so we really needed to strategize about what to tackle as we knew we would not be able to complete all of them. Majority involved taking pictures of different things (team member climbing a tree, running on the track at the Athletic Centre, sitting in the driver’s seat of a TTC/Greyhound bus, etc.) so we all made good use of our cell phone cameras!

Even though we didn’t even place (boo), I was proud that we had three teams from our class participate. As I’ve said before, as part-time students, we don’t normally have capacity to participate in extra-curricular activities but since this started at 4:30pm on a Friday, it was possible for several of us to join in the fun! It was certainly exhausting but a great way to get to know my classmates better and have a ton of laughs. Looking forward to future ones that we can participate in!

PS – Bonus points to anyone who knows what subway station this “psychedelic” art is from!


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  1. Yay part-timers coming out to events! We had a lot of fun taking photos around the city too… This was a great event. We should have done it sooner in the year to warm up internationals to the city!

    Mani’s team placed first with 8000 points! Next runner up was less than 6000! O_o

    ps. I won’t answer the bonus question… This is one of the photos we got too! 🙂

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