Exploring Business Design

I had the privilege of attending an industry panel and networking event at Rotman Designworks this past week. It was organized by the Business Design Club and the Corporate Careers Centre. It was a great opportunity to learn more about business design, and hear how leaders have successfully incorporated it into their careers.

Some of the key points for me was not to look jobs/positions that focus on business design, because they are rare. It is more about incorporating business design into your work and management style. It is a key skill to foster innovation and work in matrixed organizations that are undergoing constant change.

The funny thing is, I was never really interested in business design until I attended the recent case competition to support our classmates. I always admired innovative thinking and solutions, especially through TED talks, but I never thought about actually incorporating these principles into my everyday job.

This is what I love about Rotman: the ability and opportunity to explore different avenues and fields of thinking outside of my normal views. And business design is so closely linked to Integrative Thinking that it marries nicely with the curriculum here. Plus, the Designworks lab is an uber-cool place to work/study/hang out! Totally yummy sushi was served after the event too which was a bonus.


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