We’re Number One!

Congratulations to the 2012 Morning MBA team who one first place in a recent business design case competition organized by the Rotman Business Design Club!

I was very proud of our classmates, and of course one of my very own project team members, when they decided to compete in this competition. Normally, us part-time students don’t have an opportunity to participate in great events because honestly, we are just too busy with our regular full-time workload plus a fairly demanding part-time MBA workload. But, in spite of an macro economics assignment and statistics take-home final exam, these five Morning MBA students spent 4 intensive days working on their presentation for this case competition.

When we found out that they were finalists, several of us took a break from our statistics exam and attended the final presentations to support our classmates. I was so proud that they were the only team to have their classmates come cheer them on! And of course, their presentation was extremely high-quality which enabled them to win first prize. They can now choose between a $200 Apple Store gift certificate or dinner with the judges which include industry leaders from Monitor Innovation (Doblin and Monitor group), Designworks, Architext, and Rotman professors. Wow. What an amazing opportunity.

Going to support our classmates is a great example of the community that this Morning MBA program provides. Taking our core courses as a cohort and basically struggling through the demands of work, school and personal lives really encourages a supportive environment. I personally have been the recipient of a generous helping hand from many of my classmates.

And even though we might not be able to participate in as many events as we would like, it’s certainly good to know that when we do get an opportunity to participate, we come out strong. Congrats guys!



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3 responses to “We’re Number One!

  1. I was very impressed with the quality of the part-timer’s presentations. Bike’s team was awesome!

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