My Rotman Backpack

All first year students received their very own Rotman backpack during orientation. I remember how pleased I was b/c I was thinking that I needed a new one for school when I started classes.

To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that this backpack served two purposes:

  1. It’s a good quality sturdy backpack perfect to help me tote around my laptop and other school supplies, especially during our intensive week (this is not often the case with free backpacks as they are usually poor quality and fall apart easily. It is rare to find a good comfortable backpack that will last let alone a free one!)
  2. It helps to unite us all as Rotman MBA students whether morning, evening, part-time or full-time. Often times I will see a fellow student on campus or on the subway with their Rotman MBA backpack and it makes it easy to strike up a conversation and make a connection. The Rotman MBA community is very supportive and so when I see someone with a Rotman MBA backpack, it is like I am running into a friend.

The *only* downside to these backpacks is that sometimes we get ours mixed up because they are all the same and might accidentally start nosing through someone else’s backpack – oops!

So if you see someone with a Rotman MBA backpack, feel free to stop them and ask them questions about the program if you’re interested in attending. And maybe you’ll be getting your own Rotman MBA backpack next year when you join our community!


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