My Project Team

Just a quick post on the awesomeness of my project team: a while back I shared that I was going through a personal crisis and it was definitely affecting my academic performance. I shared with my project team what I was going through b/c we had to work on a major project for Financial Accounting and I didn’t think I could contribute. Well, my teammates totally pitched in and pretty much did the entire project letting me join in at the end for a final review and clean up. WOW! I was so thankful for their support & maturity in helping me get through this. Plus, they know that I will completely step up the next time around and make up for my lack of contributions this term.

I wish that teams in the workplace could be this mature. Often times I find that unfortunately, teammates in the workplace only pull their own weight and are not willing to help out another in a time of need. It’s all about CYA (Covering Your A**) and not thinking about anyone else. If I get nothing else out of my Rotman experience then learning how to be a mature and supportive team player, than that is enough for me.

Ok, now back to frantic last minute studying for the final exam of said course.


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