So, Dollarama is probably one of my favourite stores – you can get almost anything there and it’s only for $1! They have really pushed the level of Dollar stores up in Canada both in quality and variety.

Needless to say, I was excited to attend a recent speaker series focusing on Dollarama as an IPO (Initial Public Offering). Although the session was a bit over my head (I’m not a strong finance person), there were some really interesting points that I wanted to shared. (I actually wanted to share more extensive notes but lost most of this post due to an unfortunate bug with my WordPress app on my iPhone! grrr)

First, Dollarama is absolutely the largest Dollar store in Canada. What I found intriguing is that their strategy is very similar to that of Shoppers Drug Mart and Tim Horton’s. I never would have thought to compare those companies but it really goes to show how successful Dollarama has become.

What was also noteworthy is that the capital payback of a new Dollarama store can occur in less than 2 years. Wow. That goes to show that I’m not the only one who loves Dollarama. The speaker commented that part of the reason why it is so successful is the consumer mentality of spending a $1 at Dollarama actually equates to saving one dollar. I think that this is a true reflection of their branding and marketing tactics.

Anyway, just wanted to share yet another great speaker series at Rotman. Now off to study for my last final of this term: Financial Accounting.


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