One Day’s Wages

This site launched recently and it truly touched why I chose to attend Rotman’s MBA program.

Ever since joining Rotman, I have been asked to record my career aspirations for things like our student photo directly, the Rotman ambassador website and even our very own time capsule that we contributed to during Orientation. We will open the time capsule at the end of our program to see if we achieved what we set out to do. This is always a hard question for me because I still can never answer “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

However, what I do know is that I want to help others and use my Rotman education to do so. I have experience working in non-profit organizations and I get frustrated and disappointed that some are not run as efficiently and effectively as they could be. Best practices that are utilized in the for-profit industry are not applied in the non-profit industry, a place where business objectives really matter most.

And so I was impressed with One Day’s Wages – their vision is clear and their call to action compelling. When I used their online calculator to calculate one day’s wages for myself, I was shocked. It really put things into perspective and opened my eyes to those who live on less than $2 US a day. When I graduate from Rotman, I hope to work in a non-profit organization like One Day’s Wages or to lead an organization to be more like One Day’s Wages. I also hope that my fellow students will donate their One Day’s Wages, especially after they graduate, to help fight poverty.


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