Life Happens

So it’s been a while since my last post and I could provide the normal excuses that things got really busy and I needed to study for my second economics quiz and work on my accounting project. Although true, those actually are not the main reasons why I’ve been away from this blog.

Unfortunately, I’ve been going through a personal crisis that took me for a surprising loop recently. It has made it very difficult to concentrate on work and of course school. So I wanted to share with you how appreciative I am of the support that I’ve received at Rotman. Due to my circumstances, it was really difficult for me to spend the time I needed to prepare for my second economics quiz (which according to my classmates was extremely hard). And so, I was able to work with the Program Services Office (PSO) to receive academic accommodation for this quiz. I am now working closely with my professor to come up with an alternative to make up for the quiz that I missed.

What really impressed me was the time that the PSO and my professor took to meet with me and the efforts they are taking to accommodate me. This is my first time in graduate school but I truly expected to be treated as a number here at Rotman. Since we are part of the University of Toronto, a large public university, I didn’t expect to receive the personal care and attention that I have been since Day One.

It’s great to know that Rotman has accounted for the fact that life happens and can help students ensure that their academic performance is not affected.

PS – I got accepted into the Rotman Ambassador program! Will post more about this later.


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