An Exam and An Interview

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I had my first MBA exam this week. It was a quiz worth 10% for my managerial economics class. This may seem minor but since it was my first exam in this program, I wanted to take it seriously. Every little bit helps!

Of course when I started this program at the end of August, I vowed to study regularly, prepare ahead of time and basically not repeat my poor study habits that I had during my undergraduate programs. Well, that certainly hasn’t happened and I ended up cramming late into the night and very early the morning of for this quiz.

I have to say that the cramming was worth it because I think I performed fairly well. What I love is that my professor reviewed the answers right after the quiz ended so that we would have immediate feedback on how we did. There is also the disclaimer that I have an undergraduate degree in economics but that was completed many years ago so I definitely needed a refresher.

Let’s hope that this last minute cramming experience was enough to motivate me to change my study habits and get back on track.

I also had an interview this week to be a Rotman Ambassador. It’s a fantastic student-run program that allows prospective students to meet with current students one-on-one. I met with an ambassador when I was considering Rotman and was even able to sit in on an actual class. This was key in my decision-making process as I experienced first hand what life would be like as a Rotman Morning MBA student. I also appreciated the direct contact with a current student so I could find out what life is really like as a student. I find out Monday if I’m accepted.

Ok, time to get back to my PACE (Professional & Career Essentials) class: Advanced Data Manipulation with Excel. This is part of another great Rotman program that offers relevant workshops and sessions to help me be successful as a student. One would think that 8.5 hours of advanced Excel work on a Saturday isn’t very fun but I secretly love this stuff (shhh)


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