Five Rules on Organizational Transformation

Irene Rosenfeld’s 5 Rules on Organizational Transformation: One of the best advantages of studying at Rotman is having access to the incredible wealth of networking and learning opportunities through their speaker series. I recently attended a Women and Leadership Speaker Series @ Rotman event to hear Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Canada, speak about leading an organization through transformation. As a female myself, it was inspiring to hear of the challenges she faced in turning Kraft around and the lessons she learned from the process.

For your benefit, here are her 5 Rules on Guiding an Organization through Transformation:

1. Get the right people on the bus
2. Give people a roadmap
3. Engage people’s hearts & minds – people vote with their hearts, not with their heads. They need a vision that will define, refine & inspire.
4. Move quickly – move faster than you think possible. Get quick wins.
5. Communicate frequently, consistently & honestly.

I feel honoured and lucky that I have the opportunity to listen to excellent leaders like Irene. Looking forward to attending many more while I’m a student here and well beyond. You can check out upcoming speakers and events on the Rotman website:


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