The First Five Weeks

Well, I can’t believe it but I’ve already survived the first five weeks of my life as a Rotman 3 Year Morning MBA Student! To be honest, it was tough being a student again as I haven’t been in class for quite a few years but I absolutely love it. The content, discussions and questions from my professors and peers are extremely stimulating and I’m not even falling asleep in class…yet 🙂 Plus, it’s only been five weeks and I’ve already completed two courses – wow.

Juggling school and work is challenging but there have been quite a few things that help make the transition easier:
• free breakfasts (and lunches for the intensive week) – ensures I’m not learning on an empty stomach!
• the super friendly and helpful staff from the PSO (Program Services Office) – they are the masterminds behind almost everything and they make it a point to know every student by name. I’m more than a number here!
• the passionate and committed reps on the GBC (Graduate Business Council) – they are really striving to make things the best that they can be
• the invaluable advice from upper year students that I’ve met at Orientation and at Rotman Ready Sessions
• my classmates/peers – they are also juggling school, work and everything in between and of course,
• my professors – they are extremely passionate about not only the subjects they are lecturing on but also about teaching at Rotman in general and ensuring that what we learn is applicable in our career and personal lives.
There are still going to be rough patches throughout, especially now that morning classes from 7 – 9am are in full swing complete with midterms and assignments, but I feel confident that I’ll get through it, especially with all the support systems in place that I’ve listed above.

Here’s to an exciting and challenging journey for the next 3 years!


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